Temporary Resident Visa

Ready To Get That Temporary Visa To Canada ?

Each year, thousands of immigrants enter Canada through its borders to temporarily reside in Canada. Many come for various reasons, including taking advantage of the abundant work opportunities in Canada, enrolling in one of the top universities, or simply visiting a loved one.
Foreign nationals can migrate to Canada for a limited period to visit, study, or work, thanks to the temporary visa status. Visitors can temporarily use the comforts and resources that Canada has to offer, which can change their lives. They have a temporary period as visitors to stay in Canada for a certain reason, and when that time has passed, the temporary visa frequently expires.

Three Categories For Temporary Visa Status

Study Permit

The study permit is an authorisation for international students that "permits them to attend any Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada to pursue their studies. Most international students need study visas to leave their country, let alone to study in Canada.

Visitor's Visa

The immigration authorities at the point of entry may also ask for a visitor visa, another type of travel document given to visitors from countries requiring visas. Visitor visas, often called Temporary Resident Visas, are only valid for six months, after which it is illegal for the visitor to stay in Canada.

Work Permit

As the name suggests, the Canadian work authorisation document allowing foreign nationals to work in Canada. It is unavoidably crucial for foreign workers to get work permits because immigrants require them to work in Canada.

What Program Suits You Best?

A Canadian Immigration Program is appropriate for the recipient if it fits their immigration objectives. Only those who want to study, live, or work in Canada will benefit the most from a program. The Canadian Immigration Program provides applicants with approximately 60 different immigration choices. The assistance of an immigration lawyer or consultancy company like Pierway Immigration would help applicants get the best solutions.

Eligibility Criteria for Temporary Resident Visa

Candidates should be informed of the following requirements for their temporary resident visa before starting the application process:
The above-mentioned are the minimum requirements for this program; however, more conditions may arise depending on the type of temporary resident visa.

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