Spousal Open Work Permit

Spousal Open Work Permit Explained

Couples seeking employment in Canada can apply for a job through our spousal open work permit program without first receiving a job offer. We assist dependent spouses with the open work permit application process in Canada. These work permits are LMIA exempted.

The primary worker must have a valid work permit at least six months old to apply for a spouse’s open permit. The principal worker must also work in one of the professions recognized by the National Occupational Certification (NOC) skill categories and meet these significant additions to meeting significant criteria. This category may include additional technical or specialized trades suitable for the permit. The final prerequisite is that you must physically reside in Canada while working.

Spouse Open Work Permit For International Students In Canada

Inviting your spouse to Canada while studying abroad is more accessible than most people think nowadays. Your common-law partner is qualified for a work permit, which enables them to find employment in the nation while you pursue full-time education. Upon approval, your spouse can use their open work permit to work on-campus or off-campus. Spouses of international students may work as non-academic personnel on the school grounds because the permit is not job-specific.
Your common-law partner can choose the ideal employer with the open work permit’s wide choice of employment options without interfering with your academic pursuits. Since the work visa is valid as long as your academic program is in effect, you can be confident that you’ll have plenty of time to spend with your spouse.
Your partner’s spousal open work permit stays valid as long as you remain an international student with a valid student visa. In very rare instances, your partner might need a medical exam.

Who Is Eligible?

Those who meet the National Occupational Certification (NOC) skill type requirements can apply for open work permits. The permits are available to international students enrolled in full-time academic programs in Canada and their spouses or common-law partners. These valid study permits are essential for processing the open work visas for their spouses entering the country. Of course, the acclaimed spouses must provide proof of their marriage through documentation.
Candidates with foreign military spouses employed in Canada are also eligible—your chances of getting approved increase if you attach their open work licenses.

When Should You Apply?

The opportunity to apply before or after entering the country is provided to spouses seeking open work visas. Work permits are always valid for the same amount of time as approved study permits are valid. It is possible to process open work permits outside of Canada at associated centers (Canadian Visa Offices) in some international locations. Additional fees apply for shipping the documents to Canada through that country’s consulate.
Alternatively, applicants could plan a series of visits with their spouse and apply for an open work permit temporarily in Canada. The fact that your visit is recorded on your passport, even though it may not seem like a comfortable alternative, may help you when applying. When spouses don’t need a TRV, which happens in a very small number of cases, the application can be processed at the border or the airport, making it simple to get an open work visa quickly after entering Canada.

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