Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

What is OINP?

The abbreviation OINP stands for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. It collaborates with the government of Canada through IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship). This program is for foreign employees, students, and others who wish to apply for Ontario permanent residency.
The OINP identifies and nominates candidates for permanent residency who possess the qualifications required in Ontario. Additionally, once they have been selected, the Government of Canada makes the final decision to approve the selections.

In order to be eligible for the OINP program, you must:

Human Capital
Workers with language proficiency, education, work experience, and a Canada Express Entry profile should apply to this category.
Job Offer by Employer
A job offer for a permanent position from an Ontario-based business is another way to be eligible for OINP.
Business Category
Entrepreneurs who wish to start a new company in the province or purchase an existing one may be nominated.
OINP Streams
Three application streams are available to those who meet the requirements for the employer Job offer category. Please note that before choosing any of these streams, you must have made your profile on the OINP filling site. Registering an expression of interest for your category is the following procedure. Keep in mind that to continue with your application, you must have received an invitation from a business in Ontario and a permanent employment offer. The employer employment category’s available streams include
2 years of work experience in particular NOC codes.
This category is for occupations requiring skill.
In-Demand Skills Stream
This is for urgently needed skilled workers in particular industries, such as the building industry, support staff, agriculture, etc.
International Student Stream
Ontario residents who just graduated may apply using this method.
OINP International Student Stream
This program offers international students studying in Canada the chance to apply for permanent residency. Students who have finished their studies in Canada no more than two years before submitting their applications can apply.
You must fulfill certain requirements in order to be eligible for the OINP international student stream. The requirements to apply for Canadian permanent residency through this stream are as follows:
A degree or diploma with a minimum full-time duration of one year and a maximum part-time duration of two years. You must submit your application up to two years after graduating.
Legal Status
Your legal status in Canada, such as a work permit, study permission, or tourist record, is a further consideration. Until the nomination deadline, this status must be maintained.

Job Offer

The job offer must be legitimate and come from a local firm.
Intention to live in Ontario
Applicants might need to submit their expressions of interest. Remember that it is valid for a year, and you have unlimited opportunities to change and update your information before receiving an invitation.
EOI Points
Your EOI score is one of the selection factors. The following elements affect your EOI points:

OINP Steps

Here are the steps involved in applying for OINP:
Ensure that you are qualified
The first step is to meet all the requirements of the stream you chose. You should proceed to the next stage once you have met the stream’s requirements.
Create your profile and get a notification of interest or an invitation to apply.
Before applying for a nomination, you must first create a profile. Please note that a scoring system will be used to evaluate your profile. A notification of interest or an invitation to apply will be sent to the qualified applicant.

Apply for OINP Nomination.

You will be invited to submit an application for the nomination if you meet the requirements. Use the OINP e-filling portal to submit your application within 14 calendar days. The cost of the business stream is $3,500, compared to $2,000 or $1,500 for the employer job offer and human capital, respectively. Furthermore, MasterCard and Visa are the only accepted payment methods. It is important to note that the processing times for applications are flexible.

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