Canadian Experience Class

If you’ve been working or attending school in Canada for a long, you may be wondering whether or not you may obtain permanent residency.
You can learn everything you need about the Canadian Experience Class here. Let’s get started!

What is the Canadian Experience Class?

Canada’s immigration officials created the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) to educate foreign workers and students on residence applications. This immigration route may be used by temporary foreign workers in Canada to help them gain more work experience. Students studying in Canada have the same residency application options as foreign workers. Only applicants who have atleast 1 year of Canadian work experience are eligible to enroll in this stream.

The spouse of a married couple or common-law couple who is a permanent resident of Canada may act as the lead applicant

All interested CEC applicants must submit their applications starting in January 2015 through the Express Entry-affiliated online management system. Candidates who meet the immigration platform’s requirements can now complete the online application. Applicants must upload their Express Entry profile when completing the application. The application should only be processed for candidates who successfully meet the requirements for permanent residency.
The spouse of a married couple or common-law couple who is a permanent resident of Canada may act as the lead applicant. Candidates must undergo medical testing before applying to ensure they do not threaten Canadians’ health and safety. Applicants must submit the results of any relevant medical exams throughout the application process. It’s also mandatory to tender a police certificate as proof of a free criminal record while applying.

Why Should I Apply for the CEC in 2021?

Despite the world’s recovery from the coronavirus outbreak, Canada still accepts CEC Express Entry applications from international employees. You can apply for CEC in 2021 with a year of work experience in a specific type of Canada-registered business. While they take advantage of attractive job prospects in the country, Canada allows foreign employees to apply to this immigration program. You are automatically given a seat to apply for permanent residency in 2021 if you meet the requirements for this program.
Your permanent residency application procedure, typically taking months before the COVID-19 breakdown, can be sped up by applying for CEC in 2021. Express Entry policies have been created to target CEC candidates seeking permanent residency since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Since the classes help you raise your CRS score, there is no better time than the present to apply to CEC. You do not need to provide evidence of adequate funds under the current policies.

How Can Pierway Immigration Help You With Your CEC Application?

An increasing proportion of international workers are often interested in working for CEC because it gives applicants enticing policies. Because of incorrect processing, most applicants have their applications rejected even before review. Pierway provides immigration services with expertise in processing CEC applications annually. At every stage, we help our clients through the meticulous application forms and documentation filling out.
By assisting and guiding applicants to CEC through each selection process step, we help them to fulfil their dreams. Numerous overseas students and workers have received permanent residency in Canada with the help of our professionals. Pierway collaborates with skilled immigration lawyers who assist you with your papers and ensure all clauses are examined.

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