Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

What do you mean by Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

Finding talented personnel in the local labour market is often challenging for employers. This issue is addressed through the Atlantic immigration program. For the Canadian Atlantic provinces, the AIP is a recently introduced fast-track immigration program. Employers can welcome and hire skilled foreign nationals with the help of this program. The program helps firms successfully fill their labour shortages.
The Atlantic Immigration Program’s (AIP) main objective is to invite immigrants to work in Canada’s Atlantic region and help the region withstand the provinces’ demographic issues. The program brings in international talent and allows them to fill skill gaps, supporting local businesses. The program for Atlantic immigration also aims to increase employment rates and develop a skilled labour force in a specific area. Employees participating in the program can easily immigrate to Canada and find employment there.

Who Can Apply For The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

The Atlantic Program (AIP) has several subcategories, each with a separate set of application requirements. Following are the specifications for the three subcategories:

Atlantic High Skilled Program

Candidates must have a minimum of one year of experience working in management, technology, or other professional-oriented positions to be eligible to apply for this program. They must have a Canadian High School diploma or an equivalent qualification. The applicant must speak French or English fluently. Additionally, they must be able to support themselves and their families relocating to Canada.

Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program

Candidates for this position in the Atlantic immigration program must have one year of relevant experience in the field of employment. They must have the necessary Canadian qualifications and have at least completed high school. The candidate must speak French or English well. Additionally, they must be able to provide for themselves and their families moving to Canada.

Atlantic International Graduate Program

The applicants must possess a diploma from any Atlantic region university that receives public funding. Before receiving the degree, they must have lived in the province for at least 16 months. Candidates who pass the language test may apply for the Atlantic Program (AIP).

How can you apply for the Atlantic Pilot Program?

A candidate must first obtain a legitimate job offer from a designated employer from one of the Atlantic Provinces to apply for the Atlantic Program (AIP). The settlement plan is another essential requirement. The job offer is approved by the company as soon as the applicant satisfies all of the requirements of the Atlantic Immigration Program. Then, the applicant gets a Certificate of Endorsement proving they are qualified for the job.

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